Terms and condition

Terms and conditions for booking

Those terms and conditions define the conditions under which you can book and rent apartments. Making a reservation is tantamount to accepting the provisions of this regulation. At the time of booking the tenancy shall be deemed to have been concluded.Apartment booking booking an apartment shall be made by phone or by filling out the reservation form provided on the website (booking and then confirm this by clicking the “BOOK”. After receipt by us correctly completed form with the order will be carried out to verify the availability of the apartment and the term. In the case of the availability of the apartment, you will be sent confirmation at the address in the email address, along with information on the amount of duty, the date of payment and bank account number. Confirmation of the receipt of the initial reservation is electronically to the designated by the Member States in the form of e-mail address within 24 hours from the time of booking. Booking is valid for 24 hours from the time of booking. In order to confirm reservation advance payment is required which is 30% of the total charges for the account indicated in the booking confirmation email. The lack of payment within a prescribed period has the effect of canceling the booking. Final confirmation of booking will be made where appropriate by email sent to the address upon receipt of the down payment. The remaining amount must be paid on arrival, in cash or by credit card.    The customer has the right to cancel your booking, we immediately notify by email or phone by making cancellations 14 days before the date of arrival of the customer shall be entitled to reimbursement of 50% of the amount paid in advance of the advance. For cancellations within less than 14 days before the reported arrival the customer shall bear the costs of the advance payment. 30% of the contract.     In the case of shortening the period of stay by the customer, the amount for the unused period is not returned If the booking period is also to provide their data to issue a VAT invoice (name, surname, address). In the case of companies, you will need business name, address and TAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBER.Receiving and passing of the Apartment Accommodation and leaving an apartment is always in the presence of the owner or his employee. Therefore, no later than the day prior to arrival please contact us in order to establish an indicative time of arrival, then we also Offer a phone number to our employee, who will introduce you to the apartment.    Check our apartments runs from 14: 00 until 10: 00 the next day. For your convenience, there is a possibility to extend the day, as far as the calendar at your apartment. Extension of check out time up to two hours is free of charge. More than two hours extension of check out time is paid, the cost of such service is 30% of the daily fee.    On the day of arrival, to contact our staff to determine the time of przekazaia. Accommodation should take place until 22.00. Accommodation in the hours 22.00-06.00 is associated with an extra fee of 50 PLN gross. Our employee passes You the keys to the apartment, then also pay fees for the rest of the State rent an apartment if it has not been dealt with earlier. VAT invoice we send via email.    On the eve of departure please contact to arrange sentences.General conditions of hiring-out of  Tenant shall bear the financial responsibility for any damage made to the apartment and its furnishings. Their cost to be covered on the lessor not later than on the day of departure when the opinion.    If as a result of the offenses against the curfew in force in the building between the hours of 22: 00 to 6: 00 pm the owner or the person responsible for the keys will be called upon to place by neighbors or City Guards or Police, the owner has the right to immediate termination without refund lodged earlier.    In the case where the client significantly violates the peace and/or good neighbors and not complying with the generally applicable norms of cohabitation between people the owner reserves the right to terminate the client stay in the apartment and is not then obliged to return money for unused period of stay.    Children under the age of 18 may stay in the apartments only under the care of adults in our apartments is completely non-smoking!    In our apartments we do not consent to the pets.    If you leave an apartment before the scheduled departure date do not have the tenant right to a refund for any unused and previously paid for days.    By making a reservation at one of our apartments, tenant accepts all the above conditions and residence.

Tenants book on our Web site you consent to Your personal data in our database. These data will be processed solely for the purpose of implementing, facilitating subsequent bookings and for marketing purposes in accordance with the provisions of the personal data protection act dated 29.08.1997.